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The Most Ridiculous Limousines in Existence

Saturday, June 29th, 2013

Ever since limousines were invented, there was a drive to make them more lavish and ridiculous. In an attempt to outdo each other, limousine companies converted more ridiculous cars into limousines. I’ll go over a few of the most ridiculous limousines ever built.

One ridiculous limo is the world’s longest limousine. It is over 100 feet long, has 26 tires, a Jacuzzi tub, two driver compartments – one in front and one in back, a satellite dish, and a helicopter pad, just to name a few of the amenities. It isn’t street legal, however, so it is mostly used in car shows and movies.

Another outrageous limousine was actually converted from a Boeing 727 airplane and mounted on a Mercedes bus frame. It is 60 feet long, 13 feet high, weighs 24,000 pounds and can seat as many as 50 people comfortably. Inside the 727 limo there is a bar, fog lights, and a dance floor. It also costs about $1,500 to ride in it for about three hours, making it pretty impractical for most people.

One of the most ridiculous limousines ever created is the tank limousine in the UK. A company took an armored personnel carrier and completely transformed it into a luxury vehicle. The tank limo has a refrigerator, a full bar, and several televisions.  They even managed to chop some small windows into the side of the tank.

Some people, especially celebrities, love to ride in the most outlandish limousines they can possibly find, and they have the money to do so. Most people are content with riding in a traditional limousine. JMI Limousine is the best Limo Service Portland has to offer. JMI also has a few pretty extravagant limousines of their own, such as their stylin’ Chrysler 300 zebra limousine.